Once in a Lifetime!

There are very few times in our lives where we do something, meet someone or experience a truly unique and life changing event! This is what My Avatar Adventures are about. Why did we call the My Avatar Adventures? Well there are a number of really good reasons…Firstly what does the word Avatar actually mean? According to Hinduism the word Avatar from from Sanskrit avatāra “descent”  it is a manifestation of a deity or released soul Avatarsin bodily form either animal or human on earth; an incarnate divine teacher.

This is the reason I chose this name as it directly relates to our souls incarnating on earth as either human or animal for and we are all the “divine” teachers. Understanding your true “Avatar” or self is what our events are about and that is why I personalised it to My Avatar Adventure. It is a very personal experience shared with other Avatars and learning ancient wisdom from animal avatars.

Additionally my very favourite film is AVATAR. It embraces so many of the universal beliefs and changes happening in our world at the moment. There were so many hidden and obvious themes and lessons from the movie and these are just 8 great examples of some wisdom we can take away from this amazing representation of a unique world:avatar 4

  1. Doing the right thing
  2. Respect of other creatures
  3. Everything is alive
  4. It always gets worse before it gets better
  5. Love is the most powerful purifier of all
  6. Everything is born twice
  7. Balance is the key to all life
  8. Every individual has something to contribute

The outcome of our Avatar Adventures are to give a truly unique, once in a lifetime, supported and full immersed experience reconnecting you with animals and nature in a profound way that I promise, you can never look at either in the same way again. We have so much to learn from our cohabitants and the pure wisdom they have to share with us is mind and heart inspiring.

For more information please go to www.topspeakerevents.com/adventures for our once in a life time adventures.


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