The New Conciousness Business

So what is this all about? Well businesses are starting to look at a whole new way of doing business whether they are small, medium or large size businesses. Even start up businesses are looking more into how to build their business from the beginning so they can be a more inclusive, service orientated and sustainable business.

How an enlightened business community can make a difference in the world? That is our aim with this experiment we are doing. Bringing together some of the top business minds from different industries and understanding how we can all benefit from a more proactively enlighten way of doing business that will not only help our businesses in the new world but also help to have a positive impact on all those around us.

Someone once said, “our purpose in life is a life of purpose,” and this applies to businesses also. The best businesses think of themselves as “purpose maximizers” rather than “profit maximizers,” as with a noble and magnetic purpose you are more likely to create sustainable profits.

A business’s culture is its brand in today’s more transparent world. The best businesses know that corporate training is just a disguise for personal development. An enlightened business recognizes that their internal eco-system is like a pond. Stagnant ponds smell and it’s hard for anything to live there. Healthy ponds have a flow of new water coming in and they create an environment where things grow. Ponds are also an apt metaphor for the ripples that are created when a stone is thrown. The most prevalent and contagious ripple in most businesses today is the emotion of fear, yet a healthy culture dispels fear. So, if you want to inoculate your business against the debilitating effects of fear, invest in your culture.

The leaders we breed today are different than the command and control generals of the past. We’re looking for conductors today who are more adept at the nuances of bringing out the best in an orchestra. If the most neglected fact in business is that we’re all human, it’s not surprising that emotional intelligence was outlined as the most important quality of leadership today. The ability to empathize and understand the other is progressively more important in this small world we live in. Authenticity, transparency, and humility were also qualities that emerging as more important for leadership in this century than the last.

Businesses are starting to realize that “a business is a wholly owned subsidiary of society, and society is a wholly owned subsidiary of the environment.” Social responsibility needs to be intrinsic within the mission of a truly conscious business and reflected in everything it does, rather than just grafted on for marketing purposes (which sometimes can be the case with Corporate Social Responsibility programs). Businesses and leaders are role models — not just with the business community — but in the broader world. And, when any of us thinks of ourselves as a role model — whether that’s as a parent being observed by their kids or a leader under the microscope of their followers — it creates a natural stepping up of how we carry ourselves and what we expect from ourselves. If individual business leaders are willing to approach their work with this level of consciousness, we may actually experience a more enlightened business community with great collateral benefits to the world.

Too many businesses are sleepwalking towards extinction, without truly appreciating just how short their lives will be. Conventional business models and strategies, largely founded in the last century, offer limited value in the challenging world of today.

Whichever way one looks, the assumptions of the past are being severely challenged. Business strategists can no longer rely on a world that has an endless supply of resources, cheap fossil fuels, a benign climate and limitless capacity to absorb waste, where consumer demand and economies grow forever, enabled by cheap credit. This landscape will never return.

Yet these business critical factors still have little impact in many boardroom discussions and investment decisions, and many are slow to take advantage of the business opportunities offered by the green economy.
But the strategic challenge for business is stark: adapt or die.

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