The Power Of Animal Wisdom

10374014_10153731588275942_2177807237056722811_nI love sharing my experiences, research and ideas highlighting what we can learn from other animal species and how to reconnection with the animal within us. It is important for us to re-establish our heart link to other animals to understand them and learn from them as they have a lot to teach.

Here is a taster of the information I shared…….

Why are Animals Powerful?

  • They are compassionate
  • Feel despair and loss for humans
  • Understand we are limited to our 5 senses
  • Core values are connection with kin and co-existence
  • Service to the world to teach us to use our 6th sense
  • Uncorrupted link to source
  • One with nature and all that is
  • Their 6th Sense

Domestic vs Wild

Domestic – Humanised, attachment for survival and dependency and suffer neurosis

Wild – Non dependent, connected to kin, survival, no emotional trauma, flight or fight

Our Modern Way of Thinking

  • Nature is for human benefit
  • Lords of earth and owners of it
  • Superior or better than other species
  • Humans are more intelligent

What is Telepathy?

  1. Direct communication like a conversation – 2 way – sending and receiving
  2. We have all experienced it
  3. It is not predictive or psychic
  4. Completely natural
  5. Not something that is new age
  6. Not about body language or physical expression

How To Communicate

  • Direct your attention and intention
  • Does not have to be eye to eye or contact as some animals do not like it
  • Animals and plants are sentient beings – they think for themselves and are aware of themselves
  • They have their own purpose, roles, empathy, compassion between species and are on their own personal journey

Examples of Power Animal Meanings

  1. Bear – Boundaries,  Stand Your Ground
  2. Black Panther – Passion, Follow Your Passion
  3. Buffalo – Abundance, You are Provided For in all Ways
  4. Dolphin – Playfulness, Take time to Play
  5. Lions – Leadership, Courage and Power
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